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Joinery - Windows and doors

Our orientation in production is that we will give the best windows in every aspect and the greatest ability to adapt to customers needs and his house.. We conclude that it is the production of wood and wood-aluminum windows.
EU standards – The windows are made of laminated spruce and oak in systems IV68, IV78 and IV90. Systems IV78 and IV90 meet all the latest standards of the EU.

Window Characteristics

Types – We produce wooden and wooden-aluminum windows of all types, winged, two-winged, fixed awnings, sliding systems IV68, IV78 and IV90.

IV profiles are made in the system of 12 / 18-13 Euro. These systems are currently the most optimal of all Euro windows and include two tires installation, effective system to drain water into the window and adjusting the strictest grades in order to meet all technical standards.

Whether you are guided by the motto “In harmony with nature” or just appreciate good design, wood and wood aluminum windows that Savox provide comes in a wide range of styles and colors in traditional and modern forms to meet Your every request.
In the window we install insulating crepe glass, Low-E in one or two layers, filled with argon. Low-E glass reflects the sun’s heat away from the house, so with a wide Savox windows, your room will be comfortable.
Soundproofing windows being implemented in 4 phases – through the material of the window frames, through design and quality of seal, the quality and structure of glass and the quality of the application window. Our window has all these qualities with regard to the sound isolation of a whopping 50 dB.
Wooden and woodenaluminum windows last longer so you have a lower cost over the long term compared to PVC, thus giving you better value for money spent and attractive windows.
  • Leading In Quality – Myhouse conducted a laboratory testing of woodend and wooden aluminum windows which has received the CE mark, a certificate of production control at the factory, the same expertise and analysis, which was performed in an accredited laboratory IFT Rosenheim, under the watchful eye of trained and accredited staff. In this process we get a result that we are now among the best tested windows in Europe.

  • Wooden and Wooden-aluminum Doors– We make quality doors in classical and modern forms, but we are open for making a unique doors according to the customer requirements.

  • Variety in Designs and Sizes– The variety of designs and sizes has resulted in superior value to our doors. The main reason for this is the final processing of materials made in the factory. Profiles and materials, along with glass surfaces provide a solid sound and heat isolation, regardless of the different customer requirements in terms of size, functionality and design of the doors.

Wood windows

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Wood-aluminum windows

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Lift and slide doors

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Certificates and Partners

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